David Walrod - "Something New" | WEAVE Session #05

Walrod’s intimate relationship with the piano, paired with his equally gravelly-yet-smooth falsetto, has the potential to lift one's spirit to new heights.


By Timothy Carpenter / Weave Session / Cleveland, TN

There are some artists in particular who do not seem to be alive in an era appropriate for the music they create… David Walrod is one of these artists. Walrod takes soulful piano that one might hear in a smoke-filled, twentieth-century, jazz bar and blends them alongside whispery vocals we liken to modern-day artists such as James Vincent McMorrow or Bon Iver. In his WEAVE session Walrod sings,

“I’m looking for something new, somethin’ to turn faces, to get ‘em all confused..”

It seems that he might have found what he was looking for amidst his twisting melodies and colorful use of chords. Walrod’s intimate relationship with the piano, paired with his equally gravelly-yet-smooth falsetto, has the potential to lift one's spirit to new heights.

On a recent trip through Chattanooga, we were lucky to have Walrod join us in the Loft Studio to record a live session of his single, Something New.

To gain more insight into the mind of David Walrod, we sat down with the 23-year-old singer-songwriter with questions about his career thus far:

When did you begin playing piano? How long have you been writing songs?

I think I was probably around 6 when I decided I had to learn piano (as well as anything else my older brother did, haha). Unfortunately I quit like everyone else after a few years, but I came back in college and hit it hard. I started writing songs just a couple years ago, summer of ’17. 

What does your daily routine look like?

Wake up, drink coffee. I don’t even get out bed most days until it’s in my veins. I’ve literally got my coffee maker in my upstairs bathroom in case I can’t make it downstairs. Watch the Cardinals 6-minute condensed game. Learn something—podcast, lecture on youtube, book, something—this is only supposed to be a small part of my morning, but often drags out into the afternoon, haha. Then other than hitting the gym, I might average one scheduled event each day. Might be a cowriting or recording session, coffee meeting or a show, and then the default thing to do is work on music at home. I also have two days a week where I teach piano lessons from dawn to (well-past) dusk, haha. 

Do you have any new music coming out soon?

Yeah! Finishing up production on a single that will definitely be out this year, then I’ve got lots of new songs that I’d love to release, so I guess I’ll just pick my next favorite, and start putting it through the pipeline. I like the single idea right now. 

How would you describe your sound?

Indie soul? Maybe jazz-tinged singer-songwriter? I like the name Alternative R&B, but I haven’t yet released the songs I think would qualify me for that genre, haha. 

What artists have inspired you most? Why?

Since my last release, Tom Misch has been my biggest influence musically. His production somehow blends smooth vocals, extended harmony, and drums that slap. Matt Corby has also been doing a lot for me as he’s one of the few truly great songwriters and lyricists that actually bring some soul. Thirdly, I’m gonna say Barney Artist, because he’s the absolute realest. 

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📸: © Mitchell Hartley

Filmed and Edited by: Mitchell Hartley
Recorded by: Timothy Carpenter
Mixed by: Brenden Koon
Mastered by: Timothy Carpenter

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